Web-design is one of the most well-paid and needed profession the field of IT-technologies. A web- designer has to be multifaceted, quick, witty and find various solutions for one problem. What If you will be asked to join a project on creating on site, which are of a great popularity and value? Designers of Tinder, OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Grindr and Luxy make a lot of money now, based on the success of those worldwide known projects. But which things define success and what are the key steps to become a good well-paid web-designer?

Usability and practicality are the things that define success or failure of any site. As the user is the only person who clicks the mouse and makes decisions, one of the standard and approaches to create successful and profitable web-designs is a user-centric design. All in all, if an average user doesn’t know how to use a certain function, there is no use to make it for you.

1. Don’t make customers think

According to the First Law of Usability, a web-page has to be OBVIOUS. When you are working on a project and creating a dating site, your first goal is to get rid of unnecessary questions. All the decisions can be made by users, based on their personal knowledge, and their impressions. Customers are the ones who will think about advantages and disadvantages of a site. If the navigation and the structure of a site are not clear, you make a harder task for them to reach point A from point B. A good structure. Understandable structure, good visual hints and easily distinguishable links will make clients reach their goal faster and you will receive positive reviews from that.

2. Don’t test your customer’s patience

Try to minimize the amount of requirements to the customer when working on a project. The less actions they need to do to enter your service, the higher the probability will be that more people want to use your site. Users who enter the dating platform for the first time do not want to fill in endless forms to create an accounts they might never use again.

3. Grab attention of your customers

When the site contains static and dynamic elements, some of them will be more attractive than the others. It’s quite clear that pictures will grab attention faster than text and gifs or bold letters will be more flamboyant to a customer’s eye. If you focus attention on certain aspects of your site, you will make it easier to reach from point A to point B without unnecessary thinking about where to click.

4. Try to depict essentials first

Contemporary web-designs make everything look like steps (1-2-3-done) with huge bars and sections. But according to the laws of design and marketing these techniques are very much effective as they can ensure easy transition from page to page.

5. Write effectively

Web-design differs from printed issues because you will need to apply the style of writing to the users’ preferences and way of browsing. Users will not read huge promotional texts. They will also skip big chunks of information, texts without bold or cursive words. They will also ignore long introductions and boring instructions.